See how different this man looks after 50 plastic surgeries

PHOTO: See how different this man looks after 50 plastic surgeries

A Thai Chinese man has made waves on the internet not only because of his striking good looks - but also because of how he got them.

According to a report on Asian Town, he has gone for plastic surgery a startling 50 times.

The man, who was identified as Jose Chung, has caused controversy due to the multiple cosmetic procedures he has undergone on his eyes, nose, chin, lower lip and forehead.

The relentless desire to change his looks started when he was 20. He has undergone surgery to make his nose higher and smaller, appears to have had double eyelid surgery done and even dimples created. What shocked netizens further is that Jose has also taken pictures of his nose job and shared them online.

Some Stomp readers commented that he did not have to undergo so many surgeries, and one questioned whether his actions indicate that he suffers from low self esteem. However, another reader defended him, saying that there is nothing wrong with what he is doing as long as "plastic surgery makes you happy and gives you more confidence."

His case is the latest in a string of examples of plastic surgery having largely lost its stigma. A new nose/pair of eyelids/set of cheekbones/jawline is no longer regarded as a sign of insecurity but a badge of honour, especially among the younger set, a Straits Times report noted.

However, the report also noted that along with their good looks, the plastic surgery trend has resulted in "blank manga eyes, V-line faces and cute, upturned noses."

Taiwanese beauty expert Liu Yan, who was in town recently for the press conference of the lifestyle variety show Lady First, said: "Too many people want instant gratification when it comes to beauty. The younger ones do not think twice about getting fillers on their faces or turning to more drastic surgery."

"That is a shame because by doing so, many of them lose their own special characteristics and features."

What do you think? Is 50 surgeries too excessive, or is it an inevitable destigmatisation of plastic surgery?

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Additional information by YourHealth, AsiaOne.