Shanghai to reopen market for live poultry

SHANGHAI - Shanghai will reopen its market for live poultry by the end of June, but it could be reduced by 50 per cent, authorities said.

The industry has been badly affected by the recent deadly H7N9 bird flu outbreak. All live poultry markets were closed on April 6 for safety reasons, which officials said caused millions of yuan in losses.

"The city is considering reopening some live poultry trading markets," Shao Linchu, deputy director of Shanghai Agriculture Commission said on Thursday.

"But these markets will adhere to stricter requirements, such as sterilization and environment," Shao said.

Besides that, the city also advocated the consumption of chilled and frozen chicken, which are processed under strict quarantine supervision.

According to the city's agriculture department, Shanghai consumes between 170 million and 180 million chickens annually, more than 70 per cent are purchased live.