She wants to enlarge her breasts from 9kg to 19kg - for her kids

PHOTO: She wants to enlarge her breasts from 9kg to 19kg - for her kids

She is preparing for her 13th surgery next year.

All the surgeries so far have been - and the next one - will be on her breasts.

Busty glamour model Lacey Wildd has raised US$23,000 (S$28,670) from online donations from fans to take her size triple-L breasts up to Q cup, the 45-year-old mother-of-six from Miami told the Sun Sentinel.

Plastic surgeons will insert implants weighing a total of 19kg into her chest, seeing her claim the title of the largest augmented breasts in the world from Ms Maxi Mounds, who wears a US-size 42M bra.

Ms Wildd said she is nervous about her surgery, as medical experts have repeatedly warned her it's not safe.

Her chest is already so heavy at 9kg, that she had to have an internal bra made of pigskin and her own muscle implanted into her torso.

But the bubbly blonde insists that her ambition to increase the size of her breasts is actually for her children's welfare.

"I want to leave a legacy to my children," she said.

"My goal was never to be famous. My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them."

Ms Wildd has as six children, ranging in age from six to 29, and also has a 25-year-old stepson.

With the additional TV appearances, film work and subscriptions to her website, she said her income has quadrupled since last year and she plans on retiring in three years' time.

She did not reveal the exact amount of her income.

But some of her children said they face cyber-bullying and teasing at school.

They are also concerned about their mother's health, and fear bigger implants will cause terrible side effects such as stretching and tearing, or even an infection that might kill her.

The breast implants are not the oly thing Ms Wildd has done to alter her appearance. She has also undergone two tummy tucks, four full body liposuctions, ab sculpting, lip implants, bottom implants and two bottom lifts.

The Daily Mail UK reported that doctors have voiced concern that Ms Wildd may be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and should not have further breast implants.

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