Simpler means test for patients in acute care hospitals

PHOTO: Simpler means test for patients in acute care hospitals

SINGAPORE - A simpler means test is adopted  for patients at acute care hospitals , compared to means-testing for patients who require intermediate and long-term care (ILTC) and are admitted into community hospitals and nursing homes.

Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong said this in response to Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Gerald Giam Yean Song's query on whether means testing for patients at community hospitals and other step-down care facilities employs a different set of criteria from means testing for acute care hospitals.

Means-test for patients admitted into acute care hospitals will be based on the annual value of his residential property. Mr Gan said this is more practical and easier to administer given the much higher patient volumes and short stays at acute hospitals.

However, hospitals do have the flexibility to assess the patient based on the per capita family income approach similar to that used in the ILTC sector, if specific patients feel that the simplified approach based on individual income is disadvantageous to them.