Singapore woman spends $1,800 for 40g of face cream

SINGAPORE - When Kanebo's most expensive face cream here - Impress Granmula - was launched in 2010, it sold out within a week and had a waiting list.

Never mind that it costs $1,800 for 40g.

Ms Diana Foo, 41, who has been using the anti-ageing and brightening cream for the last two years, feels that the product is worth its hefty price tag.

The self-employed finance consultant spends about $6,000 to $8,000 a year on skincare.

She says: "I started using more expensive products about 12 years ago, when I became more concerned about anti-ageing." She considers luxurious creams "an investment".

After using Impress Granmula, Ms Foo has noticed visible results, from refined pores to more moisturised skin, after a few days.

She says: "To me, such creams are value for money because you'll have fewer problems to rectify in the future.

"So you're actually saving money in the long run."

But if you think that Ms Foo had no hesitation spending such a large amount, think again.

She says that when she first learnt about the price of Impress Granmula, she was taken aback.

After hearing good things about the cream from a friend, she was convinced. Now, she's happy she took the plunge.

But she says luxe creams may not be for everyone and believes that women should find something that meets their needs in the price range they are comfortable with.

"My husband, who doesn't know how much I spend on skincare, probably won't understand why I buy these products," says Ms Foo. "But since I work and spend my own money, I think there's nothing wrong with it."

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