Sleep deprivation may be keeping you from finding 'The One,' study says

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All of us are in search of love and affection. We've been waiting for someone to notice us, to appreciate and accept us, and more importantly, to love us.

But waiting for that particular "someone" is tiring. And once you've reached your limit, you're left asking yourself, what's wrong with me? Well, maybe there is something off within yourself - maybe there's a part of you that needs fixing before you can find the "love of your life". In this case, this change you seek might be within your lifestyle, specifically your sleeping habits.

As you get older and enter the workforce, your job might demand so much of your time to the point that your precious sleeping hours become affected. And the result is sleep deprivation… and the lack of a love life.

According to Psychology Today, sleep deprivation does not only affect our bodies but also our chances of romance. It reportedly keeps us from enjoying and building our future with our potential partners. And usually we don't notice this but lack of sleep affects our physical appearance, our critical thinking, and our communication skills.

Psychology Today says that sleep deprivation can make us the following:


Let's face it, physical appearances are important. And the lack of sleep causes eyebags, pimples, and tired eyes - making us look unwell and sickly.


Oftentimes, funny people attract love and romance, so if you make them laugh that's a point in your favour. And humour, based on Psychology Today's research, requires a high level of cognition. Sleep deprivation affects our verbal humour, which, in turn, makes us less funny.


Less sleep is equivalent to less happiness in a relationship because sleep deprivation impacts relationships. The Female Network says that "lack of sleep makes us grumpier, more argumentative." It makes us narrow-minded, less empathetic, and less understanding.


Decision-making is important in any relationship, and sleep deprivation makes us reckless, distracted, and more prone to taking dangerous risks.

We may not notice it but sleeping is essential. So give yourself a break and remember to allow yourselves eight to nine hours of sleep. You deserve it, after all.

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