Slimming product gives woman big problems

PHOTO: Slimming product gives woman big problems

MALAYSIA - A woman who suffered behavioural changes and physical pain after taking weight loss pills is seeking compensation from the distributor of the product, reported Metro Ahad.

The 36-year-old mother, who only wanted to be identified as Fatimah, recounted her plight to the Tribunal for Consumer Claims in Ipoh recently.

"My breasts felt like they were being pierced, I became easily angered and started to hit my child," said the general worker, who works at a petrol kiosk.

A friend who introduced the made-in-America product, which purportedly contained only herbs and Acai berries, convinced her it was effective without any need for exercise or dieting.

Fatimah, who consumed the pills three times daily, did lose weight rapidly but suffered other side effects including throbbing headaches, breathing difficulties and insomnia.

The Health Ministry's Pharma­ceutical Enforcement Division deputy director Mazlan Ismail said there's been an alarming increase in unregistered slimming products in the market.

Many of these products have been found to contain banned substances including Sibutramine and Fenfulramine which affects brain nerves and heart function.