So long, pesky pimples!

PHOTO: So long, pesky pimples!

Have a zit that keeps recurring at the same spot? Identify the triggers and break the cycle for good.

Dr Calvin Chan, Medical Director of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, tells us how:

Have itchy fingers? STOP

Picking at a zit only offers short-term relief.

When you break the skin, you increase its odds of getting reinfected.

You’re also weakening or damaging the follicular walls.

When they are unable to repair themselves properly, pores get clogged more frequently, leading to inflammation and flare-ups.

Wash those dirty sheets

Infrequently-changed pillowcases or bedding can harbour acne-causing bacteria.

Keep your cheeks, chin, and back spot-free by washing bed linen once a week.

Grotty mobile phones

You wouldn’t rest your face on the table at the coffee shop – don’t put your phones on them either.

Germs on soiled surfaces could transfer onto your phone, then to your skin.

That’s why blemishes appear more frequently on one cheek and not the other.

Your funky hairdo is ruining your skin

Sweeping bangs and swinging layers that constantly brush against your face could irritate skin, triggering a breakout.

Try pinning back bangs and tying hair into a bun whenever your skin feels sensitive.

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