'Sometimes our thoughts are just in the mind, nothing more'

KUALA LUMPUR - Managing emotions and maintaining a balanced lifestyle are the keys to alleviate anxiety and help one to lead a healthier lifestyle.

"What you're worried about might not even happen, or might be blown out of proportion.

"We must realise that our thoughts and emotions are natural and harmless, and are only emotions, nothing more," said clinical psychologist Alvin Tan at a talk at The Star Health Fair in Mid Valley yesterday.

Tan also advised against prescribed drugs, insisting that natural remedies were readily available.

He called on Malaysians to invest more time in meaningful relationships, healthy dieting and exercising to rid themselves of stress and anxiety.

Tan was representing Great Eastern, a partner at the fair, which ends today.

The fair also features products and services by Nestlé, Guardian, Blackmores and Teik Senn.

Apart from participating in various activities, visitors also received samples of health products.

"The fair is a place to acquire knowledge on different health aspects and products many of us didn't know about," said business manager Chew Len Chet, 44.

Assistant manager Mira Shaneavan, 30, said the event helped to raise awareness as many were ignorant of the negative effects of unhealthy habits.

Visitors also participated in interactive games organised under the Live Great campaign by Great Eastern, which highlighted the importance of eating right, exercising and healthy relationships.