S'pore man with breast implants undergoes counselling

SINGAPORE - He wanted a boob job to boost his confidence, but he didn't count on how badly his family would react to his new assets.

After a series of fights and confrontations with his mother and father, security guard and aspiring Singaporean singer Kurt Tay finally decided to attend counselling sessions with his parents.

His aim is to help his parents reconcile themselves with his decision to get C-cup breasts - although he is a man.

The counselling sessions were initiated by Mr Tay after he saw how visibly distressed his parents were by his new appearance.

In a Facebook post, he revealed that his mother keeps "nagging" at him and telling him that she feels very upset that their relatives and neighbours are laughing at him for being "neither male nor female".

"My mother says she feels very lose face when neighbours (and) relatives ask why her son got breasts," he wrote. He said that he called a counselling hot-line as he is feeling the pressure of his parents' disapproval.

"I will (have a) mental break down soon because of my parents nagging," he wrote. "I called (the) counsellor and I cried while talking on the phone."

As a result of his plea for help, a counsellor has agreed to visit Mr Tay's house and talk to the three members of the household in hope that they can come to understand one another better.

He said that he wants his parents, especially his mother, to understand that it is his childhood dream to have breasts, and that having breasts gives him happiness, confidence, motivation and the willpower to overcome his problems.