S'pore women think men smell floral, fruity after shower

SINGAPORE - Smelling good seems to have taken on a whole new meaning for Singapore men.

A poll conducted by soap manufacturer Dettol found that local women think their male partners smell either fruity or floral after a shower.

Out of 540 respondents, over 60 per cent said their partners smell either fruity or floral, while 28 per cent said their partners smelled musky.

Another 6 per cent said that they could not distinguish a smell.

The poll was held in conjunction with Dettol's launch of a new range of body wash products for men.

Handling body odour

Smelling good can be a hassle for some, especially people with over-active sweat glands.

According to a report in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the secret is to keep the body clean but dry at all times. The moist areas are the ones that attract bacteria.

Those who suffer from this potentially embarrassing social problem can try to include Vitamin B12 in their daily vitamin regimen. They can also try to include eggs, yeast or liver in their diets.

Zinc can also prevent and fight infection. To fight off that body odour problem, it is advisable to load up on vegetables, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Acidophilous capsules can help improve intestinal health and restore balance to the stomach.

Natural soaps, especially those with anti-bacterial ingredients like virgin coconut oil and lemongrass, also have tremendous deodorizing capabilities.

Another report published by Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, advised people to wear cotton clothes and breathable shoes or sandals to keep the skin cool.

Applying roll-on antiperspirant can also reduce sweat production,

However, such measures may not be enough for the 20 per cent of Singaporeans who suffer from excessive sweating.

In the same report, Dr Peter Goh, director and consultant surgeon at Starcap Medical suggested undergoing surgery or Botox injections to reduce sweating.

Needlescopic thoracic surgery involves cutting or clipping the nerves which control sweating through 3mm holes in the skin.

This kind of surgery can be performed on the palms, armpits and face. It is not recommended for the feet as this would result in a more complicated surgery.

Those who have feet that sweat excessively can try out Botox injections which cause weakening of muscles.

Removing hair by shaving or laser treatment can also help to reduce body odour considerably, according to the doctor.