S'poreans believe a good sex life makes them better partners: Survey

PHOTO: S'poreans believe a good sex life makes them better partners: Survey

SINGAPORE - Almost half of Singaporeans believe that one of the top benefits of having a good sex life is that it makes them better husbands, wives or partners to their other half.

This was revealed in a survey on global sexual attitudes and behaviours, conducted by Durex in its latest Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey.

This is in contrast to other regions outside of Asia, where respondents said that the top benefit of having a good and fulfilling sex life is that it puts them in a better mood.

Globally, almost two thirds of the respondents agreed that this was the top benefit, with it being the number one result for people in South and North America, Europe and the Australasia region.

In Singapore, around four in 10 respondents also said that a good sex life, in addition to making them better partners, makes them feel healthier, less stressed and makes them happier.

However, despite the perceived benefits, less than a quarter talk to their better halves about improving their sex lives

Only an average of two out of 10 Singaporeans indicated that they would talk to their partners as a way to improve their sex life.

Singapore ranked lower than most Asian countries on this factor including Indonesia (48 per cent), Taiwan (33 per cent), Malaysia and Korea (32 per cent) respectively.

The top country in this regard was Columbia where 61 per cent respondents agreed they would discuss their sex lives with their partner to make it better.

Singapore respondents indicated that they would rather resort to looking for info online or use lubricants to improve their sex life.

This is despite the overall dissatisfaction Singaporeans feel over their current sex lives, with only 25 per cent saying that they are "very satisfied" and just 10 per cent saying they are "extremely satisfied".

Indonesia scored the best in Asia in sexual satisfaction, where 89 per cent of residents said their partners were performing well.

However, the survey did show that Singaporeans have an adventurous streak when it comes to ways to improve their sex life.

Some of the common choices were to try sex toys (24 per cent) and role playing games (11 per cent).

Sixteen per cent of Singaporeans ranked having threesomes or sex with more than one person at a time as a sexual fantasy, with strip tease topping that by a slim margin as the top choice.

"The survey findings reveal the critical role that sex plays in helping men and women form a strong emotional and physical bond with each other as husbands, wives or partners," said Nikhilesh Kalra, Marketing Director at Reckitt Benckiser Malaysia & Singapore.

"Hence, it's important for men and women not to ignore this important aspect of their lives and communicate to their better halves and partners what having an ideal sex life means to them," she advised.