S'poreans need to have positive mindset towards elders: PM Lee

PHOTO: S'poreans need to have positive mindset towards elders: PM Lee

SINGAPORE - Singapore's population is ageing, and Singaporeans need to have a positive mindset towards elders, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a welcome party for Teck Ghee Vista yesterday.

Speaking to residents at the newly built replacement flats at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, PM Lee said seniors have contributed much to the country's success and it's only right to support them in the their silver years.

"I encourage residents all over Singapore to show support the next time we need to build facilities for seniors citizens in our midst - whether it be studio apartments, whether it be day care centres, whether it be nursing homes," he said.

"We all need them. It is not for somebody else, but it is for ourselves one day when we grow old," he added.

To prepare for the rapidly ageing population, PM Lee said the Government has implemented several financial assistance schemes.

These include the enhancement for active seniors and the silver housing bonus scheme announced during budget 2012, as well as elderly friendly facilities in mature estates.

An example given by PM Lee were the studio apartments incorporated in Teck Ghee Vista, which have non-slip tiles, hand bars to support old folks and emergency pull-cords.

PM Lee expressed confidence that the country has all the ingredients needed to bring young and old together to live side by side, take care of one another and get on well together.

"And that is the way it should be all over Singapore and all our new towns," he stressed.