Stain, stain go away

PHOTO: Stain, stain go away

Have you noticed how celebrities and media personalities appear to have beautiful white teeth on television?

Chances are, they have undergone tooth whitening treatment for that beautiful smile.

Although we are born with white teeth, the tendency is for our teeth to get stained and discoloured over time. This can be due to a number of reasons including smoking, genetics, disease, the food and medication we take as well as beverages we drink.

Irregular brushing and flossing and irregular visits to your dentist for scaling and polishing also contribute to tooth discoloration.


Most people are conscious of their stained or discoloured teeth and some go to some length to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

This can include purchasing a variety of toothpastes on the market or experimenting with some home bleaching kits.

However, the results more often than not fall short of expectations. In some instances, people also attempt to draw attention away from their discoloured teeth by cultivating a sun-bed tan or indulging in extravagant and ever-changing hairstyles and wardrobes.


There is no longer the need to suffer from social embarrassment due to stained or discoloured teeth. Suitable cosmetic dental treatment that is safe, pain free and that yields predictable and positive long terms results is now available. While most people desire whiter teeth and a brighter smile, many, not even those who are aware of tooth whitening treatment, do not discuss the possibility of such a treatment with their dentist. This is sometimes due to the fear that the treatment will lead to enamel loss, enhanced sensitivity and spoilt teeth. Some also have the misconception that such treatment is prohibitively expensive.


Tooth whitening, performed with the right technique and materials, yields very good results, which can last for a few years.

It is the most common and effective method of treating excessive surface and intrinsic stains. It is a very popular treatment, particularly in the West, for those seeking whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Tooth polishing, often done in conjunction with scaling can eliminate only minor surface stains while excessive stains usually require more assertive treatment.

Tooth whitening takes approximately an hour. Care is taken to protect and isolate the gums from the teeth. This prevents discomfort and irritation as well as a protective barrier. A gel solution is coated on the teeth and a blue wavelength light activates the solution which in turn whitens the teeth.

The glycerine and highly purified water in the gel solution prevent tooth dehydration. The plasma accelerated lamp used to activate the solution emits no heat or ultra violet light and is clinically proven to be safe for tooth enamel, gums and other soft tissues.

The results are very satisfactory and can last for years. Some patients (chronic smokers for example) may require a touch-up after a few years. Should you want whiter teeth and brighter smile, talk to your dental surgeon about the possibility of undergoing tooth whitening treatment. You might just end up smiling a lot more!