Strange form of dandruff

PHOTO: Strange form of dandruff

Q: I am a 17-year-old male and I have an unusual form of dandruff. The flakes are dry and about 1.5cm in diameter and I have to peel them off. The condition started as a small patch about six years ago and has since spread all over my scalp.My friends and teachers have asked me to seek treatment, but I am too embarrassed to do so. I have tried using anti-dandruff shampoos but to no avail and the condition has intensified. Please help.A: You may be suffering from something more than mere dandruff. It is more likely that you have sebopsoriasis, a flaky scalp condition which has overlapping features between seborrhoeic dermatitis and psoriasis.I suggest that you consult a dermatologist for a clinical examination.Your dermatologist will then discuss your previous treatment in detail and prescribe some suitable de-scaling and anti-inflammatory medication.DR DERRICK AWConsultant dermatologist at National University HospitalThis article was first published in Mind Your Body, The Straits Times.