Student hospitalised after drink

Ketum drinks sellers.

A secondary school student in Bidor, Perak, has been hospitalised after being given Coca-Cola spiked with ketum, Tamil Nesan reported.

After playing football with his friends in school, Kesavan, 15, went to the toilet around 2.30pm.

When he saw his classmates drinking Coca-Cola, he asked for a sip and complained that it tasted bitter.

Feeling faint, he returned to class and slept. When he woke up at about 6.30pm, he found himself at the Tapah district hospital.

He was reportedly found unconscious near the school entrance by some friends and with the help of their parents, was rushed to the hospital. A police report had been lodged.

The boy said he recalled hearing his friends saying the drink was mixed with ketum.

Kesavan's family demanded to know how the schoolboys managed to obtain ketum.

The school administration has promised to investigate.