Surgery for 'perkier' breasts turns ugly for businesswoman

PHOTO: Surgery for 'perkier' breasts turns ugly for businesswoman

She wanted larger, "perkier" breasts and was willing to fork out RM30,000 (S$11,000) for that.

Instead, 34-year-old Adibah (not her real name) ended up with an infection, and her breasts disfigured, Metro Ahad reported in its front page.

The businesswoman's painful ordeal began after she sought the services of a famed plastic surgeon, whom she had seen on TV.

During a consultation in his office, Adibah was told that she needed three specific procedures before the surgery.

The report stated that when she went to a private hospital in the Klang Valley to undergo the first procedure, she was told that she would go straight into surgery.

Two weeks later, Adibah began experiencing smarting pain on both her breasts, with the skin red and peeling as if it had been scalded.

Adibah called the doctor and he told her to come for a follow-up treatment at another hospital but her condition worsened.

"The stitches on the laceration were ripped and it was filled with pus. The pain was unbearable and I stopped going to work," she was quoted as saying.

The report stated that the doctor did not want to take any responsibility for it.

Adibah then lodged a police report.

"I was told that the doctor is still working at a hospital in the city. He is said to always be on the move, probably to escape being located by hospital management.

"I did my own investigation and met with the management. They told me they did not know of the doctor's status and denied abetting him," Adibah was further quoted as saying.

Adibah has also lodged a complaint with the Health Ministry and Malaysian Medical Council.

The report stated that the private medical practice control unit of the ministry had conducted checks and found that the doctor did not possess the specific qualification to conduct such surgery.