Survey reveals the top anti-jetlag techniques used by Singaporeans

SINGAPORE - A new survey has revealed the most popular anti-jetlag techniques used by Singaporean air passengers.

A thousand Singaporean travellers took part in the survey by global travel search site Skyscanner , with four out of five saying they had flown long-haul in the past year. On average, participants stated that they took about 2.3 days to recover from the effects of jetlag.

The most popular anti-jetlag technique was found to be stretching and taking light exercise on the flight, with almost two-thirds of respondents stating they have tried this.

Following closely behind was exercising and getting fresh air before the flight, setting their watch to the new time-zone and staying awake for the duration of the flight.

More intriguingly, 11 per cent said they have tried taking Viagra to combat the effects of jetlag. Other products used include sleeping tablets, herbal remedies, anti-jet lag pills and melatonin.

About 30 per cent said that they avoid alcohol on-board, and 37 per cent said they have consumed alcohol in an attempt to offset jetlag

Participants were also asked to rank which anti-jetlag techniques they have tried before were the most effective.

While light exercise and healthy eating were popular activities for flyers, only around half of those who tried this said they were effective in offsetting the effects of a long-haul flight.

As for consuming alcohol in an attempt to offset jetlag, only 13 per cent said that this actually worked. Almost half of those who said they avoided alcohol on-board said it was successful in negating the effects of jetlag.

"In an ideal world, to prevent jetlag we should begin taking on the habits of destination time zone before we leave home. That is, eating at the same time and sleeping or resting at the same time as what you would be doing at that destination. Of course this isn't always possible at home or even while flying," said Tony Gherardin, National Medical Adviser at the Travel Doctor - TMC.

"What works reasonably well is to eat light meals and keep hydrated, avoiding heavy foods and alcohol."

Regarding sleeping tablets, Tony advised that the "safe use of sleeping tablets or melatonin once you've reached your destination can also assist in getting your body in sync with the time zone."

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