Tainan department of health reports case of dengue hemorrhagic fever

TAIPEI - The Tainan City Department of Health yesterday announced that a case of hemorrhagic dengue fever had broken out.

The patient, a 62-year-old woman residing in Tainan's Northern District, has since been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, city health department officials said.

According to reports, the woman contracted the disease on Nov. 14 and experienced fever and a severe headache, among other symptoms of the febrile phase. On Nov. 19, the woman's conditions worsened with the appearance of skin rashes, abnormal accumulation of fluids in the lungs and stomach, and falling levels of blood platelets. Following treatment, the woman's condition stabilized, and she was released from the hospital's care.

This marks the first case of the disease in Tainan City since April, and the first sighting of the hemorrhagic strain of dengue fever since summer. Health officials counted six outbreaks of hemorrhagic dengue fever throughout Taiwan this year, with five reported in Pingtung County and one in Tainan City.

Citing precedents, health officials stated that the particular strain of hemorrhagic dengue fever that afflicted the patient is not likely to be chronic or highly infectious. As of yesterday, Tainan health officials tallied dengue infections at 7, of which one was of the hemorrhagic strain.

Meanwhile, an outbreak of non-hemorrhagic dengue fever continues in Southern Taiwan. The Center for Disease Control, R.O.C. (CDC, 疾管局) yesterday reminded the public that despite colder temperatures, dengue fever infections are still occurring near peak rates.

The CDC urged the public to remain vigilant and be mindful in taking all recommended precautions in controlling the breeding of mosquitoes.