Taking Coenzyme Q10 may double men’s potency, doctors say

Over the past 40 years doctors have seen an alarming drop in both the quality and quantity of men's sperm in developed countries.

A major cause of the problem is endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as androgen-blockers and xeno-estrogens. These harmful chemicals exist in traffic exhausts and pesticides that contaminate our foods like fruit and vegetables, and even farmed fish like salmon and tuna.

They also leak from the plastics in our water bottles and food containers. These chemicals either block male sex hormones or act like estrogen in our bodies, causing a hormonal imbalance that leaves men with less testosterone and more estrogen.

As a result, many men are not as potent as they should be.

This alarming trend was first reported in a study in the British Medical Journal in 1992. Since then, dozens of studies around the world have supported the original findings and found that the problem is getting worse.

One Danish study was particularly shocking because the men tested were only 18 to 21. The test results of the men, who were undergoing a compulsory medical for military service, were worryingly low; as many as 18 per cent and 40 per cent respectively had concentrations below 20 and 40 million sperm per millilitre (ml) of semen.

A healthy young man should have 100 million per ml or more. Reproductive impairment begins to appear when sperm counts drop beneath 40 million per ml.

Not only are men producing fewer sperm but the percentage of those sperm that are are healthy and mobile, i.e. able to reach and fertilise and egg, is also dropping..

If you or your significant other are having trouble getting pregnant, don't despair or go running off to a fertility clinic just yet. Some recent research has shown that taking CoQ10 can boost your sperm count.

Researchers in Italy have had some amazing results with CoQ10 in helping men with low sperm counts and or low motility sperm.

The researchers divided infertile men into two groups. The ones who took a daily dose of CoQ10 experienced significant improvement in sperm cell motility and the quality of the sperm cell. This in turn doubled their successful impregnation rate compared to the men not taking CoQ10.

Another research team independently backed up this finding. A team in Israel found that CoQ10 significantly improved sperm mobility and more than doubled the fertilisation rate in a test group with asthenospermic (low motility) sperm.

This article was contributed by trained pharmacist, founder and CEO if Ocean Health Laboratories - a company specialising in the development of functional health supplements and skin care products.