Teen attributes negativity to envious women

Teen attributes negativity to envious women

Photos posted by a 15-year-old girl in central China showing off a full-body makeover with plastic surgery went viral last week.

Using the name Li Enxi Danae on Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo, her Barbie-like looks attracted a backlash from detractors.

Some called her a "snake spirit", referring to a white serpent in Chinese mythology. The serpent can change into a beautiful woman but remains trapped in an eerily white skin, the China Daily reported.

Others were repelled by her bleached-white skin as it made her complexion as pale as that of an "apparition" instead of turning her into a porcelain beauty, reported Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

But Li, who is from Zhengzhou, remained unperturbed by the negative comments, attributing them to females who are envious of her looks.

She hit back in her microblog: "The more praises there are, the more defamation there will be. The more you are blasted by women envious of you, the more interesting it will be.

"Do you get branded perfume every day when you were 15? Do you get to ride in expensive cars every day when you were 15? Do you get 500,000 yuan (S$108,000) of pocket money every month when you were 15?

"If not, please shut up. You are not qualified to insult me.

"You have to keep up with the times in today's society. You can't allow yourself to lose even at the starting line, understand?"


Reports also surfaced later that said she went for plastic surgery to win back her ex-boyfriend.

It is not known what she works as but her posts on social media seem to suggest that she was gunning to be popular.

"Finally in the hot list," said one post dated March 2.

She also posted pictures of herself in sexy lingerie and swimsuits, with some in seductive poses and inviting fans to like her page.

In another entry dated last Oct 21, she posted pictures of stacks and stacks of money, with the caption: "My pocket money for this week."

Other posts painted a lonely person, with her on various solo trips and asking others not to wish her Happy Singles' Day.

In one particular post dated Feb 28, she had a photo of herself leaning on someone's shoulder whose face was cut off, with the caption: "I like your wide shoulders. Leaning on them was very comfortable."

Li has since deleted most of the pictures and posts from her Weibo accounts, following the online uproar.

This article was first published on April 26, 2015.
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