Teen has a second personality, says doc

PHOTO: Teen has a second personality, says doc

A 17-year-old girl began speaking a "strange language" a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian after she injured her head in an accident, Harian Metro reported.

Form Five student Noraini Ismail was riding pillion on a motorcycle with her brother when they collided with a lorry in Besut last month.

She was treated at the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital in Kubang Kerian, and was unconscious for 11 hours. Blood clots were discovered in her head.

According to her mother Mansena Daud, 48, a second scan at the same hospital later found that the blood clots were gone.

Noraini's condition then worsened and she could not speak.

Not long after she was discharged, she began speaking in the "strange" language.

Noraini claimed that she felt strange when she spoke in the language that she could not understand.

Mansena said her daughter seemed healthy and had a good appetite, although she complained of severe headaches at night.