Telltale signs of cosmetic surgery


Giveaway: Upper lips that are a tad too big.

The lower lip should be one and a half times the size of the upper, says US-based surgeon Dr Anthony Youn.


Giveaway: The earlobe is pulled down from its original position – this is called a pixie ear.

It is caused by an over-removal of skin, or from the relaxation of the muscle or connective tissue that supports the face, says US-based surgeon Dr George Yang.

In severe cases, the earlobe and jawline can form an almost continuous line.


Giveaway:  Fillers are injections of naturally occurring chemicals like hyaluronic acid or collagen in the body. This plumps out the skin, giving a more youthful look.

UK-based consultant plastic surgeon Fazel Fatah told the Daily Mail that over-injecting can result in the cheeks and lips appearing “overstuffed” – leading to the popular term “pillow face”.


Giveaway: Telltale signs are if they are too close together, or sit too high up, or if they are too round and appear stiff, New York City plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe tells Men’s Health magazine.

Also, look out for symmetrical scars under the breasts or under the armpits.


Giveaway: Nasal surgery can be very noticeable, says Dr Brent Moelleken, a Beverley Hills’ plastic surgeon.

Signs include a “pinched-in” nose or a droopy nose tip. A bad nose job can affect breathing, or result in a ski-slope nose, where the nose bridge is concave, or the piggy look, where nostrils appear raised.


Giveaway: Look out for stiffness on the face, or a lack of facial expression.

Permanently raised eyebrows, eyes that look like they’re staring or droopy eyelids could also be signs of botox, says DrDaniel Reichner of Reichner Plastic Surgery Associates in California.

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