Terminally ill S'pore dad prepared 8 time capsules for daughter to remember him

PHOTO: Terminally ill S'pore dad prepared 8 time capsules for daughter to remember him

SINGAPORE - A terminally ill man, who knew that his days were numbered, prepared a series of time capsule gifts to mark every birthday of his daughter until she reaches 21 years of age.

Chen Zhen Xing, 45, told his wife Liu Jin Hua, 39, before he died that he was worried about their eight-year-old daughter and wante­d her to be able to feel his love as she grows up after his death.

Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported that Chen, who is from Singapore, planned for the gifts to be given to his daughter on her birthdays until she reaches the age of 21.

Some of the gifts included a bracelet to be sent to his daughter when she reaches 18. There was also a fountain pen carved with her name for her university graduation later on in life.

He was said to have prepared the gifts when he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer, which was diagnosed in March last year.

He Chen, who worked in the production industry, passed away recently. The signs of his cancer had begun in January last year, when he started complaining of a backache. His wife to Shin Min Daily that as the cancer had spread, the cancer could no longer be treated with an operation and chemotherapy was the only option.

His conditon improved for awhile, but took a turn for the worse two months ago and he lost 30kg of body weight. He died in November in the company of several friends and relatives.

His wife told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao that he was a very loving father who would accompany the little girl to play badminton and cycle even after being diagnosed with cancer.

Knowing he did not have much time left with his family, he tried his best to spend his last days with his loved ones.

Before his death, he brought his family to many holiday trips to the destinations his daughter had always wanted to go to.

The list of gifts he bought for his daughter includes:

For her 9th birthday: A set of Hello Kitty pens

For her 10th birthday: A pink exercise outfit for his daughter who loves to exercise

For her 13th birthday: A towel embroidered with a message of love for her to use after exercising

For her 18th birthday: A designer bracelet for his daughter when she becomes a woman, so that he can always stay by her side

For her 21st birthday: A carefully selected gold necklace

For the day she graduates from university: A designer pen engraved with the name of his daughter 

Additional information added in from Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily translation.