Thai model has gone under the knife 5 times - and isn't afraid to flaunt it

PHOTO: Thai model has gone under the knife 5 times - and isn't afraid to flaunt it

Nonthaporn Teerawatanasuk (aka Yae) is famous in Thailand not only because of her beauty, but also for how she attained it.

She has undergone five plastic surgery procedures to look the way she looks now.

A popular model and actress, she has also been voted 'queen of plastic surgery' in Thailand. She has almost half a million fans on Instagram and 367,000 likes on Facebook account.

According to a report and pictures on Asian Town, Yae has gone under the knife for breast implants and to get dimples.

"It's in my genes to have small breasts, and the reason I had these operations is because of my job in the entertainment industry. My life has changed a lot since," quoted her as saying.

She added that she has gained confidence after the surgery.

Her plastic surgeon reportedly told a Thai publication that there is a misconception that plastic surgery can make anyone look however they want. He said plastic surgery utilises the beauty the person already has, and works with it to enhance the person's looks.

Far from being ashamed about it, the 27-year-old does not hide anything and even blogs about her experiences with plastic surgery. She often takes pictures of herself without makeup and shows pictures of her before and after plastic surgery photos.

She has blogged about her plastic surgery experience - revealing the pros and cons of undergoing surgery, the risks and complications involved and advice on how to go about it if one decides to do it.

Her openess has, not surprisingly, netted her her fair share of fans and detractors. Her story reflects that of  Chinese model Chen Yi Man, who was criticised by netizens after documenting her multiple plastic surgery procedures in Korea.

"I seek beauty, and I am willing to let people see me transform through my own efforts - this is not something to be ashamed of admitting," she said.

"It's because people do not have enough tolerance towards plastic surgery that celebrities are afriad to admit to it." She expressed certainty that all celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery of one kind or another.

From being a taboo subject in the past, celebrities appear to be becoming more open to talking about it. A member of popular K-pop girl band Kara admitted to getting work done to her face, and more recently, local blogger Dawn documented her plastic surgery trip to Seoul.

What do you think of plastic surgery among celebrities? Better to be open about it, or a negative role model to the young? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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