Is there a natural relief for bad menstrual cramps?

PHOTO: Is there a natural relief for bad menstrual cramps?

Millions of women all over the world suffer from PMS anywhere within the week prior to the onset of menstruation.

Symptoms range from mood disorders to discomforts like bloating, depression, severe pain, even suicidal thoughts.

Consult your OB gyne about your options. As for natural remedies, the following tips may help:


High sodium/salt and salty foods, cold foods and drinks: These interfere with abdominal circulation and worsen cramps.

Caffeine: This includes coffee, black/green tea, chocolate. Note that caffeine stimulates your craving for sugar, neutralizes potassium and zinc and increases stomach acids.

Alcohol: Interferes with your liver, increases your blood sugar.

Spinach, beet root: High in oxalates which are difficult to assimilate


Dong-quai-a Chinese herb, known as the female ginseng (take as a tea)

Figs, dates, bananas, peanuts, potatoes, peaches, tomatoes

Strawberry, watermelon, watercress, parsley-natural diuretics

Supplements: Take daily vitamin B6, 50-300 mg; magnesium, 500 g; calcium, 250 mg; vitamin E (dry form), 100-400 iu; panthotenic acid (vitamin B5), 1,000 mg.

Exercise! It's a must. This stimulates circulation and releases excess fluids.