Tiles prevent nasty falls

SINGAPORE - Stub tiles found at road junctions, which are meant to help the blind orientate themselves, are very effective in minimising slipping, especially during wet weather.

Could the authorities consider placing these tiles in toilets or wet markets, because these places are often wet and slippery floors may cause the elderly to fall? I have seen many senior citizens falling and hurting themselves because of wet floors.

Such accidents should be investigated and action taken to prevent future occurrences.

We should check whether the roughness of any walking surface, under wet conditions, meets safety standards. The installation of stub tiles and hand rails would help to prevent falls.

I have seen other types of stub tiles in MRT stations. These tiles can be used in parks and pavements.

This way, we can ensure that cyclists keep to their respective lanes. For cyclists, grooves could be embedded in the pavements to offer better grip to bicycle wheels.

This way, we will encourage pedestrians and cyclists to share the roads safely and provide greater safety for the elderly.

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