Tips on how to cope for those with poor vision

SINGAPORE - Event manager Timothy Ooi, 34, a low-vision patient, did not like to read as it was a tiring task.

But after seeing Ms Debbie Boey, a senior occupational therapist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and making some changes, he now finds reading less of a chore.

"I added a filter on my computer screen and I realised the importance of getting a good lamp for reading," he said.

Often, it just takes small changes around the home to make life easier for those with low vision.

Ms Boey and Ms Alyse Wong, manager of the Low Vision Clinic at the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, share some tips.

1. Have good contrast to help identify objects at home

Switch to a light-coloured mug for your coffee and tea.

Use a light-coloured plate with a dark placemat.

Use white or yellow tape or paint to mark steps or stairs.

When taking medication, put white or light-coloured pills on a plain black table cloth.

2. Optimise lighting and reduce glare

Use a filter on your computer screen to increase contrast and reduce glare.

Optimise the lighting in a room for daily activities. For example, make sure your bathroom is bright.

Install outdoor lighting to identify pathways.

3. Be organised

Secure loose rugs at home.

Label key features, such as light switches or stove dials, with a contrasting coloured or tactile label. Reduce clutter and organise work areas.

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