Tips on how to stay fit during the holiday season

No time for working out these days because your schedule is jam-packed with social gatherings?

Well, if you and your family/buddies/colleagues/acquaintances are meeting up to indulge in all those amazing festive treats, exercise should definitely be on the to-do list during this time of the year.

We ask our fitness and health experts how they keep on top of things - and still remain fit! - during the hectic holiday season.

1. Have an early-morning workout

"I find that an early-morning workout on Christmas Day - like a 5km run or a 30-minute yoga session - helps me to relax and focus on the rest of day. It's always a busy time in my household. We spend the afternoon opening presents, playing games with the kids and eating all my favourite festive foods."

- Dr Lin Kai Wei, general practitioner, Complete Health International

2. Stay on-the-move

"I minimise the assault on my digestive system by doing a pre-party workout and by staying on-the-move after heavy Christmas meals."

- Dr Choo Dee Pheng, family physician, Raffles Medical Group

3. Maintain the diet-and-exercise routine

"I try not to stray from my usual diet-and-exercise routine. The body doesn't know it's Christmas, so a sudden change can throw your internal balance out of whack."

- Dr Cheryl Kam, family physician, Complete Health International

4. Look forward to exercise

"I don't stop exercising during the festive season, no matter how busy I am. It really is an issue of time management. After a day of feasting, there's nothing I look forward to more than a good workout."

- Joan Liew, co-founder, Fitness Factory

5. It's okay to skip a workout

"Most social functions happen later in the day so I usually schedule my exercise in the mornings. I also avoid attending parties on two consecutive nights because I want to be able to exercise on alternate mornings. That said, I don't worry about skipping a workout. If it's missed for a good reason, that's okay. I just look forward to my next session."

- Tan Swee Kheng, kinesiologist and programme director, Fifth Ray Integrated Activities

6. Work out at the park

"When I'm stressed out from shopping or tired from attending functions, I just exercise more. Sounds odd but it works! I jog in the park where I'm surrounded by trees and fresh air. It sure beats sweating it out in a crowded gym."

- Dr Ong Kian Chung, respiratory specialist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital