Tips for parents when getting a babysitter

  • Make sure you know the babysitter, or at least know of someone who knows her. Word-of-mouth recommendation is an advantage.


  • Ask for references and talk to people who know her.


  • Check the home environment to ensure it's clean and child-friendly.


  • Ask questions, like what she will do in case of emergency (give scenarios); whether she knows basic first aid; who is her support system; how will she deal with a difficult child.


During the care

  • Be in close communication with the babysitter via phone or SMS.


  • Make occasional spot checks.


  • After picking up your child from the babysitter, you should immediately check him or her for any bruise or injury that might have been incurred at the place.


  • Look out for signs of potential abuse or neglect, like the child is hesitant when heading towards the house, has a low appetite, is withdrawn or overtly shy.


  • Spend time with the babysitter on an informal basis, like take her out for breakfast during the weekend.