Toddler drowns in bathroom container

SUNGAI PETANI - Aidil Adha festive cheer turned into a tragedy for a family in Merbau Pulas here when their two-year-old son died of drowning in the bathroom's water container.

Mohammad Aidil Qhusairi Mohammad Nazri @ Mohammad Roslan was already unconscious when his uncle found the toddler in the container about 1.15pm.

During the incident, the family was having Aidil Adha meal at their home in Kampung Jalan Titi Gantung, Merbau Pulas here.

The toddler's mother, Siti Zauyah Zakaria, 28, said the youngest child of three was playing with his siblings prior to the incident.

"He had gone to the toilet alone when I went to the kitchen. When I returned to the living room, I was shocked that he was gone.

"I rushed into the bathroom but did not find him there," she said when met at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim (HSAH) today.

Siti Zauyah said she later searcedh for Aidil outside the house.

"Minutes later, I heard screaming from the house and saw my brother-in-law rushing out of the toilet carrying Aidil in his arms."

"I performed a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him before sending him to Merbau Pulas health clinic," she said.

They later took Aidil to a private clinic in Kuala Ketil as there was only one nurse attending the health clinic at the time.

"The doctor at the clinic told us to take him to the hospital as he was in critical condition."

"But he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital," she said.

Siti Zauyah said she accepted the loss although she was devastated by the incident.