Toddler recovering well after giant 15kg tumour removed

Two-year-old Jesus Gabriel from the northern state of Durango, Mexico was born with a tumour on the right side of his body.

The tumour was benign, but as he grew, the tumour grew as well. In just two years, the tumour had grown to about half the size of the boy, severely restricting his movements.

Medical pictures show that the lump was about the size of a basketball, dwarfing the young child.

At the time of the tumour's removal on June 14, the mass weighed a hefty 15kg - more than Jesus himself, who weighed just 12kg.

The operation, carried out at the La Raza Medical Centre in Mexico City, took a team of surgeons about 10 hours to remove the huge lump.

Pediatric surgeon Jaime Zaldivar led a group of Mexican doctors to remove the giant tumour.

Doctors removing the lump discovered that the tumour had grown to such a weight that it was cutting off the boy's flow of oxygen.

Dr Gustavo Hernandez, director of paediatrics at the hospital, said that they believe that it was the first time Mexican doctors had removed a tumour larger than the person it was attached to.

Freed of his burden, Jesus is reportedly recovering well at the hospital. Doctors expect that Jesus will continue to make a strong recovery.