Top of poll wish list: More govt effort to help the ageing

PHOTO: Top of poll wish list: More govt effort to help the ageing

SINGAPORE - Bread and butter issues such as transport and health care lead Singaporeans' wish list of areas of life where the Government can do more to improve their well-being.

But over and above these priorities are the needs of the ageing population, which top the list of 11 aspects of life that require more government effort.

These findings of a new survey "reflect the realities of the Singapore context", said Dr Siok Kuan Tambyah of the National University of Singapore Business School who evaluated the results with fellow don Tan Soo Jiuan.

The findings also match other results in the survey on Singaporeans' happiness and well-being which show that Singaporeans are least satisfied with the cost of living in Singapore.

But the issue of foreign workers is surprisingly at the bottom of the list. Still, almost two-thirds want the Government to restrict the inflow of these workers to protect the interests of locals.

This could be due to the Government's message since last May's General Election that it would be tightening the tap on foreign workers, said Associate Professor Tan.

The survey, however, did not specify what kind of foreign workforce should be restricted.

It also found that Singaporeans are generally more satisfied with their political rights now than six years ago.

Among six rights, only the right to take part in any kind of organisation dipped in satisfaction.

People are most satisfied with their right to vote but least with their right to criticise the Government and with freedom of speech.

But around half felt government officials paid little attention to what they think.

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