Treatment for botched penis-enlargement fillers

Police General Hospital has set up a special team to treat patients suffering from complications after undergoing penis-enlargement injections.

Dr Surat Kittisupaporn, a urologist and surgeon, said such fillers caused thick skin, giving the illusion that the penis was larger, and might cause tumours on the sex organ. In most cases patients don't notice it and seek treatment too late.

The shots actually made it more difficult to clean the penis, leading to an increased risk of infection. One patient had such a large tumour that the penis had to be amputated, but the cancer cells still threatened to spread to other parts of the body.

Dr Withoon Nitiwarangkul, a surgery academic, said those getting penis injections could also become impotent. The hospital receives about 30-40 patients a month, especially youngsters, with the youngest at age 18, he said.

Dr Jongjet Aojenpong, director of the hospital, said that getting penis injections in the hope that women would be pleased with the larger size was a misunderstanding and could do great damage.

Men who underwent the injections should consult the hospital's team for early detection of abnormalities and proper treatment, the doctor said.