TTSH: Doc did not rule out dengue in first dengue death case

PHOTO: TTSH: Doc did not rule out dengue in first dengue death case

SINGAPORE - When Mr Ang Yong Han first went to the hospital with a high fever, he was diagnosed with viral fever, but the doctor did not rule out dengue, said the chairman of the Medical Board at TTSH, Associate Professor Thomas Lew.

The doctor did a full blood count and started Mr Ang on IV hydration.

Prof Lew added that Mr Ang had later said that he was feeling better and requested to be discharged.

The doctor explained to Mr Ang that his platelets were low and that he had to see a general practitioner to monitor it. He was also advised to return if there was bleeding or if his symptoms worsened before he was discharged.

When Mr Ang returned to the hospital on Sunday, he still had the fever, headache and body ache. He had also been vomiting.

Prof Lew said: "Our doctor admitted him for dengue and he was cared for by a team of senior doctors. His condition deteriorated despite the aggressive blood transfusion treatment, organ systems support and close monitoring.

"Mr Ang passed away from Dengue Shock Syndrome on May 29."

Singapore has been gripped by a dengue epidemic this year - with more than 7,700 cases so far and another 34 people suffering from the more severe dengue haemorrhagic fever.

As of yesterday, the National Environment Agency website showed that there had been 12 cases of dengue in Hougang, making it a high-risk area.

In a statement, the Health Ministry and the National Environment Agency"strongly encourage" everyone to take appropriate precautions to prevent mosquito breeding and those who suspect they may have dengue should consult their doctors as early as possible.

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