Vanilla and cinnamon vape liquid most dangerous flavors: Study

Nowadays, many smokers turn to electric cigarettes in the assumption that they are a safer and healthier alternative compared to conventional cigarettes.

Little do they know that researchers are still uncertain about their long-term health impact due to the fact that studies about these e-cigarettes are still in their infancy. reports on a study published by Frontiers in Physiology that cites vanilla and cinnamon vape liquids as the two most dangerous flavors, having the most toxic and poisonous components in their ingredients. Moreover, vaping a mixture of these two flavors together imposes greater danger compared to vaping just one.

Not only do they endanger the lungs, but also immune cells, particularly the monocytes (a type of white blood cell) that fight off bacteria, viruses and fungi. Author of the study Thivanka Muthumalage claims that the ingredients damage the respiratory system, despite them being safe for digestion.

Additionally, researchers from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in the United States have discovered that the chemicals of 13 different vape juice flavors can affect the development of lung cells within a short span of 30 minutes to 24 hours. These flavors include cinnamon, banana pudding, coca-cola, vanilla and menthol.

When consumed in high doses, the liquid can kill normal cells that are present in the lung, some of which can no longer be reproduced by the body at its usual rate. Therefore, it is feared that the lungs could eventually lose the ability to fully function.

More research will still be needed in order to confirm these new findings, given that the study was performed in a new research field.

For now, vapers should just be careful and conscious about the dangers and risks of the chemicals they choose to breathe in.