Vape poisoning cases detected in Sarawak

UNIVERSITI Sains Malaysia National Poison Centre (NPC) has detected two cases of poisoning in Sarawak involving nicotine-flavoured vape solution, reported Harian Metro.

NPC director Assoc Prof Razak Lajis said a four-year-old child and a 23-year-old man showed symptoms of poisoning after consuming the solution used in vape.

"Based on the record obtained, we have so far received two reports of vape liquid poisoning," Razak was quoted as saying.

The child suffered bouts of vomiting after accidentally drinking or tasting the solution, he said, adding that children were easily attracted to aromatic smell and colour.

"The adult victim is believed to have consumed 20ml of the liquid," he said.

As an agency under the Health Ministry, the NPC's function is to help reduce risk of poisoning apart from providing information and advice.