Vietnamese woman's secret to looking younger: Pole-dancing

PHOTO: Vietnamese woman's secret to looking younger: Pole-dancing

A woman born in the South of Vietnam and currently living in Australia has been gaining fame online, after her pole dancing videos and tutorials went viral.

Her name is Anh Le and she is 33 years old, reports an article on Asian Town.

She graduated from White Fashion College and owns a fashion brand under her name.

She has been pole dancing for six years and started with no training in dance.

She said that pole dancing brings a lot of benefits to beauty and keeping fit, giving her good skin anda healthy mind. Thus, she looks younger than her real age.

Speaking to, she said her advice for novice pole dancers is to "watch as many videos as they can of polers on youtube/facebook/vimeo/etc."

"This has been a great learning tool for me and is how I get motivated and ideas. There are so much talent, well known and not so well known, that are around these days and they are generous enough to share online, so why not take advantage of it and learn from them," she shared.

She said the videos of others inspires her to practice and often results in her creating something of her own.

"And if the moves are beyond your level, do not be discouraged, use it as motivation to work harder because anything is possible with hard work," she said.

Anh Le shares her daily tips and snippets from her life at her Facebook page and video clips of her dance moves and how she achieves them at her YouTube channel .

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