Vivian Hsu frustrated with difficult pregnancy

Vivian Hsu, who lives in Singapore now after marrying a Indonesian businessman based here, has been in low spirits.

The 40-year-old Taiwanese singer-actress is having a tough time with her first pregnancy.

Treating her Instagram account like her blog, Hsu revealed her frustration over the fact that she feels extremely helpless.

For example, being six months pregnant, she can't avoid the bruises that arise from the pregnancy-related injections she gets often.

Hsu, who is expecting a baby boy, wrote in her post: "Being pregnant, I am experiencing everything for the first time.

"The truth is that pregnant women do not feel secure, they really need warmth and love.

"I took many injections for this pregnancy and I have had many mood swings.

"I need to be treated with gentleness, patience and understanding."

She said that she was taking each day at a time and she keeps praying that she would make it through each day knowing that she did the best for her baby.

This means that she must not forget to eat her medicine, have her injections, keep to a healthy diet and make sure she puts on a smiley face for people who come to visit her.

Hsu said that she is someone who likes to take care of other people.

She wrote: "But I am lying here, I can't take care of others and instead, others must take care of me.

"They even have to clear my urine and clean me up in the shower.

"All this makes me lose my confidence.

"I hate seeing myself like this."

But Hsu said she believes that there will be a rainbow after the storm.

After all, conditions like her water retention are not permanent.

She wrote: "All the moodiness and discomfort that I am feeling now will disappear one day.

"All I need is time to get myself back on my feet again."

One person who Hsu is very grateful for is her cousin Fion.

Hsu wrote affectionately that Fion may be one who forgets things easily and would keep knocking into glass (because she doesn't see it there) but she has been there for her from the start and has never left her side.

"To my extremely kind, honest, brave, and funny cousin, thank you so much for accompanying me throughout my pregnancy.

"You've taken such great care of me in this difficult time.

"You have never complained or even told me that you were tired. Thanks so much for your patience.

"Every time I see you sleeping next to me cutely with your mouth open, I am so grateful."

This article was first published on July 14, 2015.
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