Want bigger breasts? Slap them

PHOTO: Want bigger breasts? Slap them

A Thai natural health practitioner says she can increase a woman's bust size by up to two inches - by slapping them.

The 'breast-slapping' treatment consists of six ten-minute sessions, and involves kneading, massaging and slapping the breast area.

Khemmikka Na Songkla, 44, Thailand's sole licenced practitioner of the art, told the Bangkok Post that this helps shift fat from one area to another and works excess fat towards the breasts.

Better known to her customers as Khunying Tobnom, she has been practising this traditional therapy for more than two decades. Her grandmother taught her the technique when Khemmikka was a teenager, after she saw her trying to enhance her assets with creams.

For the sceptics out there, the technique has even been approved by the government as a viable alternative to plastic surgery.

The Independent reported that the Thai Health Ministry conducted a study into 'breast-slapping', and found it resulted in the breasts of volunteers becoming measurably larger.

According to the report, the government also sponsored a programme for Thai women to learn how to slap their own breasts bigger.

Khemmikka claims the painful procedure can enhance the bust by up to a couple of inches per session. Unfortunately, the treatment may not work for those with breasts which are too small, said Khemmikka.

The slapping treatment is also available for those who want to sculpt the other parts of their bodies, such as for firmer buttocks or slimmer faces.

One satisfied customer told the Bangkok Post that the slapping made her cheekbones more pronounced and chin sharper.

At 11,500 baht (S$478.40) per session, it is far more affordable than plastic surgery, explaining its popularity.

And for those interested in learning the tricks of the trade, Khemmikka offers training courses for face-slapping, breast-slapping and body-slapping at the far heftier price tags of 5 million baht (S$208,000), 8 million baht (S$332,800) and 10 million baht (S$416,000) respectively.