Wat-er magic potion

PHOTO: Wat-er magic potion

Drinking water is good for you. But how good is it, exactly? According to some researchers, drinking water can cure just about any ailment a person may suffer. So, Happy World Water Day, everyone.

For all my friends out there who have a drinking habit, here's the good news - drinking is good. No kidding, the experts say so.

It seems that one of the medical anomalies that those great minds cannot understand is that people who don't consume any alcohol die before people who do.

It seems the "bad stuff" lets you relax so you don't go nuts and die young like those who stay sober. The way so many of us live our lives, it's quite surprising that we have not gone nuts yet.

However, I am not talking about drinking alcohol here. I am talking about water.

Drinking water, according to the experts, is good for you, too.

But not ice water - that's bad. Water's good. Like what comes out of our taps (so long as it's not brown like in Cameron Highlands). Or mineral water. Or boiled water. Stuff like that.

Why am I writing this? Well, whether you know it or not, today, March 22, is World Water Day.

Yes, they have days for things like that, too. And what's more, 2013 is the International Year of Water Cooperation. So, I guess that makes this day extra special.

It seems this day was first formally proposed in Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Con-ference on Environment and Development in Brazil.

They started to observe it in 1993 but it didn't hold much water then. However, it has grown significantly since. One could say they have really tapped into public support.

There's a whole lot of things happening today.

The people are encouraged not use their taps throughout the day and it has become a popular Facebook trend. (How else would I have known about it?)

The folks behind the initiative use this day to tell people about the scarcity of water in the world, the need to conserve this life-giving fluid, about sanitation - millions have died due to poor sanitation - and sustainable management of freshwater. Royals and VVIPs have been roped in.

To be honest, we have all always known that water is good for us. Heck, water is why we exist in this planet. It's the elixir of life. No water, no life!

Think about it. The brain is 90 per cent water and blood is 83 per cent water, our muscles are 75 per cent water. Even the bones have 22 per cent water. Some 73 per cent of the Earth is water, and it seems there are 326 million trillion gallons of water on the planet.

And, according to some Japanese medical society quoted by a blog somewhere (you don't always have to believe those blogs), it seems that most cures for diseases, too, lie with water.

Headaches, body aches, arthritis, bronchial asthma, kidney and urinary diseases, diabetes, constipation, eye diseases, cancer and menstrual problems. Yes, all these things can all be treated with just water.

Here's how it's done.

You wake up in the morning and before brushing your teeth, drink four 160ml glasses of water. Then, you brush your teeth and clean your mouth but do not drink or eat anything for 45 minutes.

Then, you can get on with life but do not eat or drink anything for two hours after a meal. You can drink immediately after a meal (I mean water, only water!) but not for two hours after that.

Apparently with this treatment, you can have high blood pressure and diabetes under control within 30 days, gastric and constipation gone within 10 days, tuberculosis cured within 90 days. Heck, you can cure cancer within 180 days.

Arthritis? Ha! Just three days in the first week and daily in the second week onwards. Great, isn't it?

Only things is: I gulp something like five mugs of water before coming to work in the morning. And yes, I do brush my teeth well after those mugs of water.

But hey, my eyes are shot. Not just shot. They are bloody bloodshot as well. And bronchial asthma? That's been with me all my life.

And let me not get started on headaches and body aches.

So, where have I gone wrong?

Must be the things I do before going to bed the night before.

If I am being cynical, it's not that I think drinking water will not help. Water is the essence of life, no one doubts that.

I hate to be a wet blanket but there has to be more to health than just water.

The Chinese and the Japanese have their various teas. Add water and these herbs make for a healthy drink. And they drink it hot. That's good.

Apparently, cold drinks solidify the oily stuff we eat, therefore leading to sludge-like stuff along our intestines. These then line the intestine, turn into fat and cause all sorts of disease.

But then, the Japanese drink their sake hot, too. That's another story for another day.