What TCM says about pimples and acne

PHOTO: What TCM says about pimples and acne

Pimples and acne can be an annoying ailment that affects everyone, not just teenagers still undergoing hormonal changes.

Outbreaks can still occur in adults who have long passed their teenage years, appearing on areas such as the face, neck, back, arms or even on the torso.

One of the most visible areas that acne can appear is on the face.

While Western wisdom says that pimples and acne are caused by excessive sebum, or hormonal imbalance, proponents of traditional Chinese medicine believe that a blemished complexion is indicative of trouble in other parts of the body.

We have collected a list of the various symptoms that are associated with pimples and acne collected from various online TCM resources.

Pimples on forehead

According to one TCM website, pimples on the forehead may indicate problems with the heart and blood circulation.

This can be caused by mental tiredness, resulting in bad tempers.

What you can do: Keeping early hours and having a good night's rest will be the natural solution. Drinking plenty of water will also help.

Those who suffer the above symptoms should also strike a balance between work and rest and not worry too much.

Pimples on the nose

A blemised nose may point to a variety of ailments.

Pimples growing on the bridge of the nose may indicate problems with the spine while pimples on the tip of the nose may be linked to digestive system problems.

However, if pimples spread to both sides of the nose, it may indicate problems related to the ovarian or reproductive function or the reproductive system.

Some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners also believe that pimples on the nose may be caused by eating habits and food preferences.

Pimples on jawline

Jawline pimples may indicate problems with the kidneys, or problems with the gland that pours hormones into the blood. Girls who are prone to jawline pimples may suffer from irregular menstrual cycles.

What you can do: Practitioners believe that such problems can be solved by nourishing the kidneys.

Pimples on cheeks

Pimples on both sides of the cheeks also may be due to different health issues.

Pimples growing on the left cheek may be caused by stagnated liver functions, such as liver secretions, detoxification or other functions. Pimples on the right cheek may be caused by abnormal lung function.

Pimples on hairline and lips

However, other than such related body ailments, external circumstances like improper cleaning procedures or contamination from chemicals may also result in outbreak.

For example, the use of unsuitable hairgel or leftover toothpaste around the lip areas may also cause pimples.

What you can do: Ensure that the washing lotion that you are using is suitable for your skin condition and that your facial cleansing methods are sound.