Where the kitchen and toilet are, matters

KUALA LUMPUR - Did you know that your health can be affected by the position of your toilet and your kitchen?

According to Vasthu Sastra expert T. Selva, toilet bowls that face east or west can bring about frequent constipation and bowel movement issues to the occupants of a house.

"The best thing to do is to ensure the commode faces either north or south.

"Also, toilets should never be placed in the northeast or southwest of the property as they are the divine and prosperity quadrants," he told visitors at The Star Health Fair yesterday.

Selva, who is also a columnist for Sunday Star, added that the kitchen was best placed at the northwest corner if the house faced south, and the southeast corner if the house faced north.

"Also, those cooking should face east while doing so.

"This way, the food cooked will be more delicious and will encourage the occupants to eat healthy food at home more, rather than buying possibly unhealthy food from outside," he added.

The fair, which ends today, is an effort to inspire Malay­sians to adopt healthier lifestyles and be more aware of their current health conditions.

The three-day fair features various companies such as Great Eastern Bhd, Guardian Pharmacy and Nestle Malaysia.