Why disallow hormone treatment?

PHOTO: Why disallow hormone treatment?

I am a "medical tourist" from Indonesia who has been visiting Singapore a few times over the past three years to receive treatment for symptoms of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and menopause.

My physician has been prescribing natural thyroid medicine and customised bioidentical hormones. These help me to be healthy now and prevent cancer, Alzheimer's disease and bone density problems in the future.

However, I understand that the Ministry of Health is disallowing the prescription of customised or compounded bioidentical hormones. This move hurts both doctors and patients.

Has there been a policy change? I have been undergoing such treatment for the past six years with no ill effects.

As a medical tourist, I would have no choice but to seek other destinations for such treatment.

Letter from Debra Bray (Ms)

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