Why do I get stomach discomfort when I drink milk?

Why do I get stomach discomfort when I drink milk?

Q: Every time I drink milk, I experience stomach discomfort. Why is that?

It's true, milk is a good source of calcium and many have lived with the habit of drinking milk with great satisfaction. However, there are those who are lactose-intolerant. In certain people, milk can cause gastrointestinal stress, skin problems and a compromised immune system.

Cow's milk is 80 per cent casein and 20 per cent whey. Human milk is the reverse - 20-per cent casein and 80 per cent whey.

Any milk allergy means a sensitivity to casein. Lactose intolerance is sensitivity to milk sugar. Those who are lactose-intolerant lack an enzyme called lactase to digest lactose.

If you have problems with cow's milk, switch to goat and sheep milk whose composition and nutrient content are closer to human milk.

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