Why period pain hurts so much

Researchers have finally discovered why period cramps are so hateful.

In the largest study of its kind to date, involving 2,939 women in the US, scientists from the University of California, Davis, found a link between an inflammation biomarker and the severity of premenstrual symptoms (PMS), which suggests that acute inflammation could be triggering all the cramps and bloating.

They found that premenstrual mood symptoms, abdominal cramps, appetite cravings, back pain, weight gain, bloating and breast pain are related to elevated levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

The finding, published in the Journal of Women's Health, is a big deal, because around eight in 10 women report experiencing PMS.

Scientists said anti-inflammatory agents may be useful for treatment of these symptoms.

This article was first published on July 03, 2016.
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