Wife dreams of cure for husband's insomnia

A woman in Chongqing, using the pseudonym Yang Lan, asked for help on her micro blog for her husband who has suffered from insomnia for more than 20 years, Chongqing-based Economic Times reported.

"I would be willing to pay 5,000 yuan ($820) for anyone who can provide an effective method to treat his insomnia," Yang wrote.

Her husband, 40, who always goes to bed around 11 pm and gets up at 7am, can only sleep two or three hours every day and has tried every available treatment.

Lack of sleep is making him look haggard, Yang said.

"The happiest experience for my husband over the past 20 years was when he once had a medicated sleep for 10 minutes when he underwent gastroscopy," she said.

Yang received suggestions from more than 10 netizens within two hours and she accepted the advice offered by one netizen to take him to a psychologist, something she never tried before.

If it works, she said she will be only to glad to pay the reward.