Woman dies because docs were away at function

A 65-year-old woman in Punjab, India, died from a heart attack after doctors in the hospital she was sent to had to attend a function with federal health minister Santosh Chaudhary, reported Malaysia Nanban.

The function was held some 100m away from the hospital.

When Kanti Devi was brought to the emergency ward on Thursday, all the doctors, including civil surgeon Surjit Singh, were at the function.

After waiting for about 40 minutes for doctors to attend to his mother, Kanti's son Loveraj Singh, who works as a security guard, rushed to the venue where the doctors were.

Loveraj, together with other family members, then disrupted the function, screaming at Santosh while creating a ruckus with the doctors.

However, Santosh has allegedly refused to take the blame over the death, calling it a "natural death".