Woman gets cement injected into her rear by fake doctor

Woman gets cement injected into her rear by fake doctor

A woman's desire for a more attractive body nearly cost her her life after she went through an illegal operation where toxic substances were injected into her body.

Police in Miami, Florida, allege that Oneal Morris, a transgender man who dresses like a woman, performed the illegal surgery on the woman, reported Britain's Daily Mail.

The woman's buttocks were injected with a "cocktail of chemicals" which included cement, tyre sealant, superglue and mineral oil, according to a police statement.

Police say the incision was later sealed with superglue.

"They agreed on a price of US$700 (S$910)...to enhance her buttocks," Miami Gardens Police Sergeant Bill Bamford told CNN affiliate WPLG.

The woman, who was referred to Morris by a friend of a friend, told police that Morris' equipment appeared rudimentary and appeared to include a hose pipe attached to a cooler box, through which he pumped the mixture into incisions in herbuttocks.

Soon after the procedure in May, the woman suffered "serious complications" including "very serious pains in her abdomen and her body", said Sgt Bamford.

The woman, who felt agonising pain that left her screaming, drove herself to hospital after becoming ill with flu-like symptoms the following day.

But she was too embarrassed to tell baffled doctors what had occurred and fled from two hospitals before she could be diagnosed or treated.

Finally, after her mother drove her to a third hospital, she revealed her story and gave doctors Morris' telephone number.

Horrible disfigurement

Horrible disfigurement

But repeated attempts to contact Morris to find out what substances he had used on her were unsuccessful.

As a result of the injections, the victim had extensive disfigurement to her buttocks and scarring.

She had to undergo several blood transfusions and multiple operations, followed by home nursing care for several weeks, reported TV news station KRISTV.

Police finally caught up with Morris on Friday and have charged him with practising medicine without a licence and causing great bodily injury.

NBC Miami found Morris' old police booking pictures dating back 11 years where he looks like a man, but two years later, his own face and body had changed.

In new police arrest photos, Morris appears to have undergone some enhancement to his own buttocks. Police Captain Ralph Suarez wasn't able to confirm if Morris used the toxic injections on himself to change his appearance.

What the captain did know for sure is other victims are out there.

He said: "There's a health issue. They also could become ill with this injection and also we would like to keep this person inside with additional charges."

Describing the illegal surgery, Sgt Bamford said: "I think it's crazy - most definitely life-threatening.

"If you're going to have medical procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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