Woman gives birth to twins from two wombs

A woman in the UK, who has two wombs, has revealed her experience of carrying twins - a baby in each womb - and giving birth to them.

Danielle Young, 29, is no stranger to medical complications. The homemaker revealed to parentdish.co.uk that she was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus at the age of 18.

Bicornuate uterus, also known as a uterus with two horns, is a condition where the womb is completely split in two and the two halves are sealed off from each other, making two separate wombs.

Young also has a double cervix and a double vagina. Seeing that one of her fallopian tubes is completely blocked, she could only conceive in one of her wombs. However, the small size of her womb would make it difficult to carry a child to full term.

So when it was discovered that she was carrying a baby in each womb, a five million to one chance, doctors told her to prepare for the fact that she might lose both babies. Keeping a close eye on the twins, Young also had to undergo weekly scans.

At six months,  Young went into premature labour forcing an emergency Caesarean.  Doctors successfully delivier Joshua, weighing at 1.08kg, and Leah, weighing at just 960g.

The twins had to be kept in hospital for a few months before they were discharged. They recently celebrated their fourth birthday and are now the correct height and weight for their age.


Diagnosed with a host of reproductive complications, Young knew she had to face the possibility of never becoming a mother. However, since she loved children she, together with her 39-year-old husband, requested for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to increase their chances of conceiving.

Young, who loves children, unexpectedly got pregnant before the IVF treatment even began. She gave birth to her eldest child, Paige, in February 2007.

Five months later, she was pregnant with the twins.

Young revealed that when she looks at her three children, who survived against all odds, she is reminded that miracles really do happen.